World of Teth-Kiran

Welcome to the world of Teth-Kiran, the setting for the fantasy novel Knight of Aslath, and the Dreaming God Chronicle.

It’s a dangerous place, where old rules and certainties no longer apply. In the east, the ancient empire which once controlled all Teth-Kiran fades, its tired noble houses consumed by jealousy and in-fighting. They are ruled over by a usurper who grows feeble, struck down by the curse of Gilthaneus, the man he dragged from the throne. In the west a new dark star rises as the Temple of Shirith-Kah gathers nations torn apart by plague and war and forges them into an empire of its own; one whose covetous gaze now turns toward the east. In the south, fierce tribes of nomads fight both the empire and the Cherg Nafir, a once human race distorted by wild magic. The sands are soaked with the blood of three hundred years of conflict, but things stir in the mountains which could make these wars seem the stuff of child’s play. And in the north, a precious peace will soon be lost, as Tiragar descends upon its rival Arkavia with an army bloated by mercenaries and the ruthless Bloodknights.  They carry the Dreaming God’s banners before them, intent on destroying the old gods and all who worship them.

Against this backdrop, Knight of Aslath begins.

Find out more about the characters and the world of Teth-Kiran

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