Arkavia and the northern Empire of Teth-Kiran

Map of Arkavia Northern Empire

Artwork copyright © Francesca Baerald

Knight of Aslath takes place in the north-western part of the twin continents of Teth-Kiran. The fantasy map in Knight of Aslath shows the kingdom of Arkavia, a land under threat of invasion by neighbouring Tiragar and their allies the Temple of Shirith-Kah, who lie to the west.

Most of Arkavia sits within a protective ring of mountains, the Givurnian Mountains to the west and north, and the Balkithar Mountains to the south. This great valley is a fertile heartland, split in two by the majestic River Lavainn, which takes in nearly every other river in the kingdom as tributaries before spilling out into The Godless Deep in the north.

The Velderwood forms a barrier on the east, inhabited only partly by mankind and dangerous to travel in. Some parts of the Velderwood are home to an elder race of fae called the araquan, or ghosts, so named for their pale appearance and reputed ability to remain unseen by humans. Seidr Falls is the centre of their realm, a place no human has ever seen and returned from. To the south of the Velderwood, fierce ulegrym roam freely down out of the Balkithar mountains, threatening human and araquan settlements, and traders daring to travel through the forest.

Beyond the mountain ring on the north-west corner lies the Westmarch, a region of sea trade but also of constant border conflicts with Tiragar, and occasional attacks by the slavers of Shalak-Toth, an island to the north.

Further east we reach the Far Coast region. In the northern part the treacherous Straits of Northdeep provide a channel between the Godless Deep and the Arcane Sea, so named for the presence of the League Arcana, the guild of magicians, upon one of its islands. Only the foolish seek the League, they discourage visitors and have summoned a raging tempest upon the sea for miles around. The Far Coast is attacked frequently by the northlanders, clans of wariors who seek to violently exploit the wealth and trade flowing through the Far Coast region.

To the south beyond the Balkithar Mountains we find the small Principality of Kellis, a city isolated by mountains whose wealthy trading fleet plies the Inner Sea. Further east the Empire of Teth-Kiran begins with the northern province of Syrantium. Across the Inner Sea and we reach the capital of the empire itself, Salaskar, the city of ten thousand domes and spires.

These lands form the backdrop for the start of the Dreaming God Chronicle. As the chronicle unfolds we will explore the lands beyond.

Map of Arkavia Northern Empire

Artwork copyright © Francesca Baerald

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