He Who Was Teshok

Some call us devils, but what is a name?

He Who Was TeshokHe Who Was Teshok remembers the knives, the sweet agony when the priests of Shirith-Kah called him from the outer darkness, and he claimed this body for his own.

Sent upon a mission to root out the Temple’s enemies, he travels to Arkavia. He begins to remember what he is, what he can do; things forgotten for the many centuries since he was last summoned here. The baser creatures always sense his approach, only dogs are too stupid to fly before him, trusting in their pack of two-legged masters.  And men; they sense nothing even when they look into his eyes, blind sheep that they are.

Inhabiting this scarred and unremarkable body, his opponents have no idea what they face. When they die at his hand, their mortal bodies fall, but so too do their souls.

Read He Who Was Teshok’s first scene, or you can download some chapters for free.

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