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The Temple of Shirith-Kah is coming to Arkavia, to destroy the old gods, burn the land and blacken the sky. In the shadows of the Velderwood, unwitting guardians defend the only thread of hope against a demon sent to destroy it.

Termaris is a surly mercenary with a talent for killing, but he cares little for wars, gods, death or even life.  He takes one last job to escape prison, then reneges on the deal when the journey draws him back to an older, higher calling, and threatens to lay his past treachery bare. Ethné has unique powers she can’t understand or control.  She wants answers, but soon discovers that her talent has a terrifying price which could leave her alone in a sea of enemies.

Drawn into a desperate mission they carry a holy vial south in search of alliance with the Empire of Teth-Kiran. But Arkavia’s old master is an insular nation of conspiracies and deadly intrigue, and they care little for the lives of barbarians in the north.  When a noble is murdered, a political game begins which could destroy hopes for a last bastion against the Temple, and leave every land at the mercy of the Dreaming God.

This is the new pitch for Warlords of the Dreaming God. Hope you like it. I am hoping to get some feedback from agents and publishing types this weekend, but I would love to hear if it hits the spot with you too, the reading public 🙂

Do let me know what you think, good bad indifferent or plain ugly. If you like what you see, you might even get a chance to read the whole book as one of my beta readers. How’s that for an offer? Imagine, your name in the credits, “thanks I couldn’t have done it without you…” etc etc gushing praise Upon Your Name . Immortal. Famed across the land. Well maybe not the last bit, but one can dream 🙂

About Scott Foley

Scott Foley is a British fantasy writer based in Manchester. He is author of Knight of Aslath and the Dreaming God Chronicle. Brought up on a steady diet of Tolkien, roleplaying games and a never-ending fascination with the question ‘what if?’, writing fantasy novels seemed the only sensible and worthwhile thing to do with his life. Knight of Aslath is his first novel, and he is currently working on the sequel Warlords of the Dreaming God. Both novels form the beginning of the Dreaming God Chronicle and are set in the fantasy world of Teth-Kiran. Knight of Aslath is available on Amazon, and you can find out more about Scott's work at: http://www.scottfoleybooks.com